Benefits of being a Member

Benefits of being a Member

ESVCE encourages and aims to facilitate co-ordination of research and other contributions to knowledge related to diagnosis, therapy, prevention and control of behavioural problems in animals.

When being a member of ESVCE, you will have access to first-hand information on such topics as well as further education opportunities in veterinary clinical ethology (training within veterinary institutions, requirements for post-graduate studies).

ESVCE aims to facilitate contact between its members and also encourages communication and co-operation with other behaviour orientated associations (animal behaviour and psychology/ psychiatry, welfare). When you’re a member, you will get all the help you need when deciding to go for further education, board qualification or diplomate. ESVCE is in close contact with the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (ECAWBM).

As a member, you will get first-hand information on what is happening in the field of behaviour in the different countries (e.g. activities of the national working groups and associations)

ESVCE itself organizes and maintains working groups to collate information, writing position statements on different topics.

The contact and distribution of information between members is facilitated via the website (official and internal part) and a forum, which allows members to discuss clinical cases and scientific questions.

Furthermore, ESVCE organizes an annual meeting (behaviour congress) where newest research and clinical cases are presented. As a member you can attend the meeting at a reduced price.

ESVCE supplies grants e.g. for attending such meetings and as a member you are eligible for such a grant.

Another benefit is that you, as a member, can give your own input into a strong community working on animal behaviour, clinical ethology and animal welfare.


Who can become a full member?
Every veterinarian with an interest in veterinary behavioural medicine.

Who can become an affiliate member?
Non-veterinarians with an interest in veterinary behavioural medicine.

Code of ethics for ESVCE members​

ESVCE members have adopted a code of ethics on their AGM, September 2017

We will happily answer any questions you might have about the ESVCE or veterinary clinical ethology